chapter  14
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Integrating Multiple Forms of Assessment

A pre-kindergarten child, Alma, carries a wooden jigsaw puzzle, turns it upside down, and continues to walk away from the pieces hitting the floor. Then she drops the puzzle frame on a table and, in passing, pinches Bette, who begins to weep. The teacher focuses on the crying child and says to nearby children, “Bette is crying because she is hurt. Let’s hug our friend Bette to help her feel better. She needs to know that her friends are sorry to see her hurt because friends do not like to see their friends hurt. We’re friends in this class.” When the other children hug Bette, Alma voluntarily joins the other children in hugging her. The teacher settles Bette back at the table with other children. Then she has a private chat with Alma and walks her to the easel.