chapter  7
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Development institutions in the liberal order

Introduction Chapter 3 examined the origins and operations of development agencies during the sovereign order. This chapter traces how the institutions of the project of international development changed during the emergence and consolidation of the liberal order. In many ways the project of international development became more important during this period. This can be seen with the significant rise in aid provision over the period, particularly to the world’s poorest states, and the increased importance of development within the foreign polices of many western states. The development agenda of most agencies also expanded to include new kinds of issues, such as combating HIV/Aids, and environmental protection, and the pursuit of ‘development’ became wrapped up with other kinds of international projects such as state building, peace building and post-conflict reconstruction. Second, this period witnessed a dramatic expansion in the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the project of international development. Third, this period saw the growth of a more integrated ‘development community’ in terms of policy convergence and the emergence of more coordinated relations between development agencies, both in general and in terms of their relations with developing countries, expressed most emblematically in the PRSP process.