chapter  2
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A brief timeline for early South Asia

BCE 362-321 Nanda Dynasty 327-325 Alexander of Macedon in India 321 Accession of Chandragupta, founder of the Mauryan Dynasty 272-232 Reign of Aśoka 185 Decline of the Mauryas. Accession of a Śuṅga king in Magadha 180-165 Demetrius II, Indo-Greek king of the north-west 155-130 Menander, Indo-Greek king of the north-west 128-110 Rise of the Sātavāhana Dynasty 71 Rise of the Kāṇva Dynasty

CE 78 Accession of Kaniṣka, Kūṣāṇa king of the north-west 150 Rudradaman, Śaka king ruling in western India 319-320 Accession of Chandragupta I, and establishment of the Gupta dynasty 335 Accession of Samudragupta 375-415 Chandragupta II 500 Huns establish control over north-western India 606-647 Harṣavardhana, king of Kanauj 600-630 Establishment of Pallava power 608-642 Establishment of Chālukya Dynasty 757 Defeat of Chālukyas by Rāṣṭrakūṭas c. 840 Rise of the Gurjara-Pratihāras c. 907 Parantaka I establishes Chola power in South India