chapter  6
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Everyday routines: the ordinary affects of sport

Involvement with sport includes a range of embodied practices – on the pitch and in the gym as well as through the practices of spectatorship. The connections between the public display of sport and the intensities of sporting experience and everyday routines raise questions about how spectatorship is also routine and iterative. Boundaries are blurred between the authenticities of fandom; being there at every game still carries weight but there are other ways of expressing support and solidarity, especially in the context of ever-changing media-commerce intersections in which communication systems, fast developing Internet and satellite technologies are in play. Mega events and the lives of sports superstars invade personal

lives and new technologies permit the transmission of sporting events not only across the globe but in local spaces where the big-screen satellite viewing, for example in a public square, at a local sports club or bar, generates camaraderie as well as a better view of the game. In many sports, such as football, baseball and boxing, there are discourses of authenticity that suggest that

being present at the game has more validity in the construction of fan identities than watching from a distance – increasingly a possibility for people across the globe through technological developments. However, participating in sport includes routine encounters, expressions of solidarity and camaraderie, shared exchanges, reflections and debates and myriad ordinary acts, some of which actually constitute doing sport in informal settings, such as on the beach, in the park or on the street as well as in more formal situations such as the gym, the sports centre, training ground or club. Following sport, engaging routinely with the vicissitudes of being involved as a follower as well as taking part in everyday embodied sporting practices are all part of the field of sport and the processes through which sport matters. The everyday is imbricated in the more public arenas of sport

and there are diverse points of connection within the field of sport.