chapter  8
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Do we live on planet sport?

There is a massive diversity and range of sports and activities that can be included under the umbrella category of sport. The extent of participation, whether as spectators, followers, practitioners or involvement in the network of commerce and media, that embraces sport and its synergies supports the claim that we live on planet sport. This is not just a matter of size and scale, for example as is illustrated by the global reach of sport and its networks. Sport also engages with the routine and the everyday and with the inner worlds and its connections are not confined to the specificities of its practices. Sport intersects with and informs other areas of experience and generates its own affects in a whole range of fields, ranging from the practical applications of sports science and understandings of embodied practices to the intellectual contributions of the theoretical frameworks that have been developed in exploring the intersections of power axes in what makes up sport and the synergies between sport and other social worlds and fields of inquiry. Sport is both distinctive and powerfully imbricated with other social, political, cultural and economic forces.