chapter  7
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Military service and village conflict

This chapter investigates another aspect of intra-communal conflict involving Palestinian Christians in Israel which was frequently identified by the 36 respondents who were interviewed for this study as typifying or demonstrating current state attitudes towards them. Unlike the conflict in Nazareth which took place between the local municipality and the Islamic movement, and has often been described as a Muslim-Christian conflict, the conflicts which are under discussion in this chapter have taken place in Arab mixed villages in the north of Israel (but in one instance in an Arab mixed city) between Druze and Christians. As such, this chapter broadens its analysis in order to measure the impact of intra-communal conflict between two non-Muslim segments of the minority upon state attitudes. In addition to the typical factors associated with inter-communal conflict in the previous chapter – most notably the political engagement and electoral strategies of various segments of the minority and the state itself in line with demographic, religious and socio-economic differences – one new factor which this chapter will consider is the role of military service both as a cause of, and response to, DruzeChristian inter-communal conflict in Israel.