chapter  1
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Introduction to The New Statistics

This book is about how to picture and think about experimental results. I’ll start with a simple pattern of results you may have seen many times, but first I should say what this chapter is about. It introduces

• Null hypothesis significance testing (NHST) and confidence intervals (CIs) as two different ways to present research results

• Meta-analysis as a way to combine results, and thus a third way to present them

• The desirability of shifting emphasis from NHST to CIs and meta-analysis, which are important parts of what I’m calling the new statistics

• Three ways of thinking that correspond to the three ways to present results

• Evidence-based practice in statistics, statistical cognition, and some relevant evidence

• ESCI (pronounced “ESS-key,” Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals)

Consider first a simple pattern of results you may be familiar with.