chapter  10
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Final reflections: dreaming the future

We could say that today is the future’s gift to the past – “offering,” one might say, the present moment as an opportunity to relive and rework that past, perhaps also an opening for reparation and new beginnings. Thus far we have largely been attending to the past and the present – the theoretical development of the concept of intersubjectivity from Freud’s thought to contemporary notions, and the clinical admixtures of the patient’s and analyst’s histories in the cocreated narratives of the present – and in this final chapter I wish to redirect our attention to the future. We are constantly imagining the future, partly on the basis of what has already occurred, but always a future that is conceived in the present moment. How does the future grow out of the past, or, put another way, what are the intersubjective dimensions of an analyst and analysand working together that “enable an unblocking of a present frozen in the past onto a possible future of open possibilities?”