chapter  9
Revisioning socialism: the Cherry Esplanade Conjecture
Pages 18

Introductory perspectives With these final two chapters, we arrive at the culmination of the project of this book. Readers may have noticed a certain progression: from Marxist concerns with the nature (Chapters 1-2) and logic (Chapters 3-4) of capitalism; to wider foundations for microeconomics (Chapters 5-7) and macroeconomics (Chapter 8). Now, in opposition to TINA, Chapters 9 and 10 use the analytical tools of economics to explore the foundations of a social alternative, usually called “socialism” or “communism,” although sometimes “participatory” economics, communitarianism, and other labels are deployed. If the message of these chapters had to be captured in a single slogan, that slogan might be: “There is a revolutionary alternative!” (TIARA).