chapter  8
Sex and Sexuality and Marital Play Deficiency “Disorder”
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In the third phase of MPDD, the couple’s sex life has deteriorated to a point that there is little-to-no sex happening. e common denition of a sexless marriage indicates couples who have sex 10 times per year or less (McCarthy & McCarthy, 2003). In these relationships, the sexual energy between the couple is almost completely diminished and depleted of any vitality. In some relationships, one partner continues to push for sex while the other has low desire, and there is considerable overt conict about the topic. For other couples, the conict goes underground and on the surface is hostile distance and negativity. ere is a strong probability that the ratio of positive to negative interactions is reversed, with the negative interactions far outweighing the positive. ere is a great deal of resentment or hopelessness in the couple.