chapter  3
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Victims and international organizations

The goal of this chapter is to review and critically assess the responses of organizations beyond the nation state to the challenges posed by the victims’ movement and the renewed global interest in supporting victims of crime. In the previous chapter it was established that national understandings about the nature and extent of victimhood in the nine jurisdictions under review have been influenced by international bodies. In Chapter 4 it will be demonstrated that such influence goes well beyond matters of definition, to inform specific measures and reforms introduced in the countries under review. This chapter sets the scene for these arguments, and in so doing supports this volume’s wider proposition that national victim reforms are heavily influenced by international governance and to some extent are becoming globalized. To this end, the work of international and regional organizations like the UN and EU are considered as well as the relevant work of international courts such as the European Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.1 The chapter will also examine the work of international victim support agencies, including Victim Support Europe and Victim Support Australasia.