chapter  9
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A Brief History of Time: A Methodological Analysis of Agenda setting

Research examining the relationships among agenda setting’s primary variables presents a rather confusing picture. The inconsistency of the results may be due in part to the agenda-setting effects of specific issue types; however, Iyengar and Kinder (1987; cited in Rogers & Dearing, 1988) offered much more serious and biting reasons for the inconsistency of results:

Iyengar and Kinder’s conclusion about agenda-setting methodologies may have merit, but this analysis takes issue with the spirit of the statement. Agenda-setting research presents many methodological problems concerning the measurement of agendas and agenda relationships over time; however, the body of research indicates that the methodological approaches have grown with the emerging time series databases and methodological techniques and have built on the efforts and visions of the field’s fledgling analyses.