chapter  12
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News Corporation Ltd.

More than any single person of his generation, Keith Rupert Murdoch, president and founder of News Corporation Ltd., is an empire builder in the tradition of the great press barons of the 19th century. What began as a small news paper in Adelaide, Australia would in the course of more than 40 years become a media empire that spans four continents. News Corp. Ltd. today is a highly diverse TNMC. The story of News Corporation Ltd. is the story of Murdoch and his ambitious climb to the top. It is also a story about shrewd business gamesmanship and the art of winning. 1 In a 1984 article for Forbes magazine, author Tom O'Hanlon wrote:

To a degree that few people, least of all his fellow joumalists, yet understand or even want to admit, Rupert Murdoch is an authentie heir of some great publishing figures of the past, of William Randolph Hearst, of Henry Luce, of Joseph Pulitzer, of Britain's Lord Beaverbrook. While most media corporations today are run by relatively colorless, numbers-oriented businessmen, Rupert Murdoch, Australian born, British educated, but now domiciled in New York, almost alone among them combines a zest and feel for the product with a shrewd sense of the bottom line?