chapter  3
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The Knowledge in Defense Technology

As the Star Wars episode demonstrated, the idea of absolute security in the United States is linked tightly to a belief in technological superiority. The linkage is a metaphor. It is an association of ideas with things, such as we commonly see in advertising, and the association is powerful. The linkage of absolute defense with technological superiority has the same kind of persuasive power, for example, that the marketers of Absolut Vodka have long exploited in their graphic advertisements. Each picture that blends the distinctive Absolut bottle into a familiar scene on the American landscape is a metaphor at work. The emotive force of a metaphor, the linkage of object and abstraction, lies in the association it makes in the viewer's mind. In the case of the vodka, the metaphor links the actual bottle to one's own feelings about the landscape, so that the feelings infuse the bottle.