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This report is based, in substantial part, on my own experiences as a consultant to the lTC during the development of Andrew, as a member of the User Interface Group from 1984 to 1988, and again in 1990, and as an active participant in many of the decisions described in subsequent sections. In addition, eleven other participants were interviewed in detail, some over the course of several hours, about the evolution of the user interface and about their roles in interface design decisions, particularly decisions about the scroll bar and menus. The participants in the interviews included four developers (all computer scientists) who were members of the User Interface Group, four developers (all computer scientists) who were outside this group but who were directly involved in decisions about or implementations of the features described here, the director of the lTC, and two User Interface Group consultants-a writer and a graphic designer-who contributed to the design and redesign of the scroll bar and menus. All of the interview subjects were given copies of early drafts of this chapter for comments and suggestions. In several cases, this resulted in another lengthy conversation about the design process, which, in tum, provided further data.