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of Changes to the Scroll

The changes in the scroll bar were not brought about by a groundswell of dissatisfaction with the existing scroll bar, and during the initial changes there was little consensus. On the contrary, most members of the ITC, having used no other scroll bar, "basically thought it was fine," according to one member of the UIG. The impetus for change in this case came from the user advocates who were involved in user testing. Teaching new and novice users to use the scroll bar had proven to be quite difficult and time-consuming. Because the two functions of the scroll bar (thumbing and scrolling) used the same narrow space, users often did one when they wanted to do the other, according to a writer who had been testing her documentation with undergraduates. She also felt that the black line representing the current view of the document was "not intuitive," especially because this line grew shorter as the document grew longer. Consequently, scroll bar improvements became one of the user advocates' three wishes.