chapter  8
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Gendered Voice in Composing, Gendered Voice in Evaluating: Gender and the Assessment of Writing Quality

During the last two decades feminists and other researchers have examined a number of emerging issues related to the broad topic of language and gender, including the study of sex role differences and their impact on male/female speech and communication styles and the influence of sex role differences on audiences' perceptions and evaluations of communicators (Coates, 1986; McConnell-Ginet, Borker, & Furman, 1980; Phillips, Steele, & Tanz, 1987; Smith, 1985; Thorne, Kramarae, & Henley, 1983). Interest in these issues has coalesced with shifting goals and emphases in sociolinguistics and the impetus of the women's movement to produce new lines of research inquiry on various aspects of the interactions of language, gender, and society (McConnell-Ginet et ai., 1980; Smith, 1985; Thorne & Henley, 1975).