chapter  9
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Educating the Patient: Interactive Learningin an OB-GVN Context Sandra L. Ragan, Christina S. Beck, and Martha D. White

In the exemplar just presented, the nurse practitioner (NP) offers a specific injunctive against taking medicine prescribed to someone else (Lines 7-8); she softens it, however, by a prior acknowledgment of the patient's (P) cough (Line 1) that incorporates the patient's wishes into her treatment plan (i.e., in Lines 2-5, the NP asserts that she will prescribe a cough medicine if the patient wants her to and if the patient thinks that would help. She follows up this assertion that she will prescribe a cough medicine, if the patient so wishes, with the "lesson" in Lines 4-5, which implicitly suggest that one should not take another's prescribed medicine.) To the patient's brief response of (guilty?) laughter in Line 6, the NP further drives the lesson home in Lines 7-8 with a direct, explicit statement of the inappropriateness of this patient's prior remedy for her cough.