chapter  4
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Pediatrician-Parent Conversation: A Case of Mutual Influence Roxanne Parrott

Newton Pediatric Clinic is an outpatient child-care clinic associated with a large medical school in the southeast. The clinic serves many patients, including children from the families of university employees, families who become members of the clinic's prepaid plan, and many families who are on Medicaid. Approximately one third of the patients are self-paying, with about 20% paying full fees, and the rest paying reduced fees. The reduced fees are associated with enrollment in the clinic's prepaid program for care, which projects the regular attendance at "well-child" exams and an average use of the clinic for episodic care to achieve cost savings for enrollees. Another one third of the parents of patients are on Medicaid and have been assigned by the state to receive care at Newton Pediatric Clinic. The rest of the patients either receive care as part of their employee benefits or have commercial insurance.