chapter  12
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"Friends Don't Let Friends Beer Goggle": The Use and Abuse of Alcohol Among College Students Linda Costigan Lederman

The scenario1 presented here describes a typical party night that could occur on any college campus where students drink alcohol. At one such university, referred to as State University, a team of administrators, student life staff, and faculty were alerted to alcohol issues by the death of a student from alcohol poisoning. The team's mission was to find out about drinking on campus. It set out to do so by conducting surveys initially. When these surveys provided a picture of the problem but not enough insight, the team decided to conduct interviews with students. It asked them about their lives on campus and how, if at all, drinking was part of what it was like to be a college student today. All of the materials presented in this case are drawn from the work done by that team. This case draws upon the actual students interviewed to describe college life and drinking.2