chapter  13
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Ministers or Panderers: Issues Raised by the PRSA Code of Professional Standards: 1954-1986

That code is still in effect with minor revisions (made in 1959, 1963, 1977, and 1983). "We pledge to conduct ourselves professionally, with truth, accuracy, fairness, and responsibility to the public," the Code declares, and then

lists 14 articles adopted "to promote and maintain high standards of public service and ethical conduct among its members." Several of the articles are general in nature: "A member shall deal fairly with clients or employers . . . A member shall conduct his professional life in accord with the public interest . . . A member shall adhere to truth and accuracy and to generally accepted standard of good taste." Several are specific: "A member shall not encroach upon the professional employment of another member. Where there are two engagements, both must be assured that there is no conflict between them."3