chapter  7
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Conclusion: Insurrectional Subjects

In the closing segment of the fi lm Traffi c Signal, with which this book began, the audience witnesses Silsila being hauled off in a police van, being mobbed by his supporters and claiming that he will fi nd justice for the community in a court of law. While law is hailed as a place of justice and redress, the preceding chapters have illustrated how it is also a discursive space which constitutes, regulates, includes and excludes, and disciplines. Belonging and non-belonging are determined not simply by the formal processes of law, such as citizenship, but by the dominant normative assumptions about the legal subject, in this case, the female migrant subject, that set the terms of inclusion as well as exclusion. While the female migrant is able to expose and disrupt these normative boundaries, her transgressions also tell us a good deal about the role of the law.