chapter  2
Defining Amoy-dialect cinema
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The history of Chinese cinemas in the 1950s and 1960s is, as noted in Chapter 1, a growing field of research. The work of scholars such as Poshek Fu, Stephen Teo, Sai-shing Yung and others, along with the research conducted under the auspices of institutions such as the HKFA and the CTFA, has helped to shed light on the complex community of studios, celebrities, financiers and government censors that populated the realm of commercial cinema in the Chinese-speaking world beyond the People’s Republic in this period. The literature emanating from such work has supplemented, counterbalanced and, to some extent, rectified the less empirical approach that has tended to inform the fields of comparative literature and film criticism, and it has largely laid the groundwork for the research which forms the basis of this book.