chapter  3
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The split between Freud and Jung

Woman – obliterated by her religious persecution as a witch, removed as irrational by the new science of the Renaissance, and silenced by the claustrophobic patriarchal grip of the Victorian era. Her oppression has become so complete that the maternal feminine is excised from consciousness. Inevitably, then, the blinding power of the Terrible Mother, coming as it does from the repressed deep in the unconscious, is completely cut off from conscious control – and so becomes annihilating. The waning role of religion in supporting the sexual caste system is extended to the burgeoning profession of psychoanalysis. The ground is fertile for the succubus to take hold again, this time in the theories of psychoanalysis which came to defi ne the psychology of modern man, and the writings and lives of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.