chapter  6
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The blinded eternal feminine

Freud and Jung agreed on the importance of the Oedipal in male development and the necessity of separating from the mother. In many ways, these concerns formed the centerpiece for both of their theories, and became the measure of effective individuation. It is in this way that they engendered a heroic ego that forces the unconscious to fl ow into an Oedipal model, the identifi cation of masculinity with a culturally created patriarchal ideal. They rightly theorized that infantilism needs to be relinquished in order for life to go on, otherwise libido stays fi xed in an incestuous bond with mother and individual freedom is lost. Yet they believed that the fi rst act of liberation from the mother must be matricide so that the ego can fully develop – an act on which patriarchal culture, with its basic structure of the slain mother, was founded. “Patriarchal development of consciousness [of which the ego is the center] has an indisputable inner need to ‘murder the mother,’ ” that is, “as far as possible to negate, exclude, devalue, and repress the ‘maternal-feminine’ world which represents the unconscious” (Neumann Mannheim, 1974: 58-59).