chapter  7
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The succubus of early infancy

We are leaving the Oedipal world of Lilith, the beguiling seductress with the evil eyes, and entering an earlier phase of development, the world of infancy where the succubus manifests in an evil form of the Terrible Mother. In this dark aspect of her maternal being, Lilith’s widely spread archetypal motif centers on an infant stealing and killing female demon, symbolic of the destructive component of the archetypal feminine in her earth aspect. As the devouring mother she is called “the strangler” who attempts to harm pregnant women, and drinks the blood and sucks the marrow from the bones of infants. In one of her earliest Babylonian forms, she has the ability to take out her eyes so that she can remain on watch and keep a lookout while she sleeps (Hurwitz, 1999: 43).