chapter  2
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The historic unfolding of the image of the succubus

The Earth began its existence as a separate body in space about 4,500 million years, or four and a half aeons ago. Little is known about the origin of life on our planet, and still less about its early evolution. The earliest traces of human life, however, show that the creature which has today changed the entire face of the habitable earth came up out of Africa only a little better equipped than his cousin, the ape. Mental capacities and physical adaptability enabled humans to develop culture and embellish the natural world in which they lived. During the Ice Age, the impact that humans could make upon the Earth, a virgin planet abounding in so many forms of life, is hardly greater than that of a squirrel collecting nuts. For many thousands of years after evolution, humankind’s way of life and culture remained in union with the cycles and seasons of the earth. People were hunters and gatherers, just some of the many other animals that picked food from the natural abundance provided by the earth.