chapter  3
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Academic Deans, Faculty, and Student Services Involvement

Oftentimes, academics see fundraising as “not their job” and also somewhat unsavory-they might compare it to the sales profession. Heaven forbid a faculty member would have to ask a donor for money. In this chapter, we focus on engaging the academic side of the HBCU in the fundraising process, showing deans and faculty how important a role they can play in the institution’s sustainability and success. There are ample benefits to using an “all campus approach” to fundraising. For example, the partnership of fundraisers with faculty members brings together experts in a specific academic arena with experts in raising money for the institution. Although fundraisers are more adept at “making an ask,” faculty members are the best equipped for discussing specific academic programs and initiatives-the partnership results in a mutually-beneficial situation. When the institutional advancement and academic sides of a college or university work together, they can combine efforts to prevent double solicitation

of potential donors and coordinate ongoing communication. This communication may lead to more respect for the fundraising profession on the part of academic administrators and faculty members as well as a better understanding of academic programs and the needs of fundraisers.