chapter  5
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Small actions – big change: co-producing creative approaches in school and out

Claire Simpson largely wrote this chapter, with contributions from Asima Qureshi and Parmjit Sagoo. Authors are indicated at the beginning of each section.

„ Name: Dunkirk Primary School „ Location: Nottingham, East Midlands „ Age range: 3-11 „ No. on roll: approx 230

The children of Dunkirk represent an amazing range of countries, cultures, languages and religions. This is due to its proximity to Nottingham University and the hospital, both of whom attract many international students and employees. There are also many children from the local areas of Dunkirk, Radford and Lenton. This exciting combination of local and international families means that there is an extensive wealth of world knowledge within the school community. The school greatly values this diversity and is always seeking meaningful opportunities for children to develop dialogues which draw upon their different experiences within the world.