chapter  2
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Before you go: understanding yourself and your needs

One of the most difficult and most important choices you may make in your life is the choice of education to prepare you for the life ahead.

The world is rapidly globalising. Internet technologies and the media combined with the spread of multinational business means that everyone in the world is increasingly in contact with each other and that opportunities for work are now found abroad as well as at home. This interconnection provides a wealth of opportunities to explore – opportunities that in the past were not available. The spread of global financial services, and the liberalisation of countries both politically and economically, mean the world is an exciting place for those who choose to prepare themselves for it by developing the skills needed to operate in it. One of the main ways of doing this is to opt for an international education. In this section you will undertake a series of exercises designed to allow you to reflect on the world around you and to analyse your own wants and needs so that you are better able to make the right choices about your study programme in the UK and increase its value to you.