chapter  5
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Slutsky on Sir William Petty

This essay was originally read at the conference of the Society of Economists at the Kiev Commercial Institute on 14 November 1913, to mark the 250th anniversary (in 1912) of the appearance of William Petty’s first economic treatise. It was subsequently published in the Student Bulletin of the same institute (1914, numbers 16, 17, 18). Publishing this essay in the form of a separate pamphlet I, of course, acknowledge its extreme incompleteness in many respects, but think that the extreme poverty of Russian literature about such a wonderful economist justifies its worth. A translation of several passages from Petty’s works has been added to the separate edition. I strive to remain as close as possible to the original in them, as far as possible accurately conveying even the vagaries of the text so as to permit free interpretation on the part of the reader. It is for the same purpose that a number of important phrases, words, and especially expressions (prices, values and costs) have been translated next to the Russian text as in the original. I will be very grateful for any comments on errors or inaccuracies in the translation.