chapter  7
Gender, Sex and Misogyny: II
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It was morality rather than mortality that was the primary obsession of the misogynist. The fantasies developed over centuries reached an extreme form in the Mallcur Malejicarum. Women were 'feebler both in mind and body' and 'intellectually like children'. As such they were 'more credulous' and 'naturally more impressionable'. They had 'slippery tongues', were avaricious and always deceived, finding it difficult to 'hold and preserve the faith'. A woman was an imperfect animal in whom lust was insatiable. She was 'more bitter than death' and 'a wheedling and secret enemy' who when she thought alone thought evil. Dominated by bestial lust she was a willing partner of the Devil. Gone were the days when he had to force himself upon her. The hidden irony for this diabolic witch, and perhaps an unconscious salve for the misogynistic demonologist, was that she gave her loyalty to Satan, a male.'