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Germany (ILS 91 84) (Photo: M. M. Roxan) 700

29.1 Aureus of Nero (The British Museum) 733 29.2 Bronze statue of Aulus Metellus (Archaeological Museum, Florence) 733 29·3 Portrait of a Roman patrician, Rome (Museo Torlonia) 733 29·4 Marble statues: 'Orestes and Electra' from the school ofPasiteles

(Museo Nazionale, Naples) 734 29·5 Caryatids from the Forum of Augustus, Rome (Comune di Roma

Ripartizione X) 735 29.6 Garden of the House ofM. Lucretius, Pompeii (Soprintendenza

Archeologica Pompet) 735 29·7 Procession of the Imperial Family on the Ara Pacis, Rome

(The British Museum) n6 29·9 The Arch of Titus, Rome. Relief showing the triumphal procession

(M. Greenhalgh) 737 29.10 Relief carving from Aphrodisias showing Claudius overcoming

Britannia (Photo: M. Ali Dogenei. Copyright Aphrodisias Excavations and the Roman Sociery) 737

29.11 Follis ofDiocletian (The British Museum) 738 29.12 Septimius Severus and Julia Domna in a relief on the Arch of the

Argentarii, Rome (M. Greenhalgh) 738 29.13 Tombstone of Regina from South Shields, Britain (The University

Museum, Newcastle and the National Museum of Wales) 739

30.1 30.2 3°·3 3°·4





Shipbuilding scene from the tombstone ofP. Longidienus, Ravenna (T. F. C. Blagg) Scene showing payment and accounting from a tomb at Neumagen, Germany (Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Trier) Landscape painting from the House of the Small Fountain, Pompeii (Soprintendenza Archeologica Pompez) Carnelian intaglio, showing a Trojan scene, and signed by Dioskourides (Chatsworth, Collection of the Duke of Devonshire) Tombstone of the sculptor M. Se ... Amabilis from Bordeaux U· M. Arnaud, Musee d' Aquitaine, Bordeaux)

A sacrificial procession of a bull, sheep and pig (The Louvre) The temple of Saturn, Rome (Fototeca dell'Unione) The Villa of theM ysteries, Pompeii (Mansell/ Alinarz) A vessel from Boscoreale depicting the sacrifice of a bull in front of an altar (The Louvre) Bronze statuette of alar (Alinarz) Stucco relief of a sacra-idyllic landscape from the Farnesina House, Rome (Museo Nazionale, Rome) The Mithraeum under the church of St Clemente, Rome (Mansell/ Alinarz) An early fourth-century mosaic under StPeter's, Rome, portraying Christ sweeping across the heavens in a sun-god's chariot (The Vatican Museum)

The apotheosis of Germanicus on a cameo now in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris (Bibliotheque Nationale) The apotheosis of Trajan on the Arch of Trajan, Benevento, dating to AD I I 5 (M. Greenhalgh) The apotheosis of Antoninus Pius and Faustina (The Vatican Museum) A sestertius of Antoninus Pius depicting the temple of Faustina (Fototeca dell' U nione) The apotheosis of Antoninus Pius and Faustina portrayed on an ivory diptych (The British Museum) A statue of Commodus as Hercules, his favourite identity (Museo dei Conservatori, Rome) Coin of Claudius II: obv. mvo CLAUDIO; rev. an eagle and CONSECRATIO (Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham)

The temple Kasr-el-Bint at Petra (Ian Browning)



32·3 Statue of Isis Noreia from Virunum (M. Leischner) 794 32·4 A lead plaque from Romula depicting the Danubian rider deity in

duplicate (D. Tudor) 794 32·5 The temple of Baal Shamin at Palmyra (Ian Browning) 795 32·6 Relief of Genii Cucullati from Cirencester ( Corinium Museum) 795

34·1 Relief of a dead girl on a couch (Musee de Cluny, Paris) 832 34·2 Relief of a funeral procession from Amiternum, Italy (Mansell( Alinarz) 832 34·3 Street of the tombs, Pompeii (Mansell( Alinarz) 833 34·4 Cremation groups in situ at Chichester, Britain (Chichester Excavation

Committee) 833 34·5 The Simpelveld Sarcophagus, Holland (Museum of Antiquities, Leiden) 834 34·6 Monument of the Julii at Glanum (St-Remy-de-Provence) Uones) 834 34·7 Mausoleum at Centcelles, near Tarragona, Spain Uones) 835 34·8 The Bartlow Hills, Essex (Copyright: Committee for Aerial Photography,

University of Cambridge) 835 34·9 Tomb of the Scipios, near Tarragona, Spain Uones) 836 34-10 Poundbury cemetery, Dorchester (C.]. S. Green) 836 34·11 Collective grave at Lynch Farm, near Peterborough, Britain Uones) 8n