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Spain, showing provincial boundaries and principal mining sites mentioned in the text Fire-setting as depicted by Agricola Archimedean screw-pump used for drainage at Centenillo Eight pairs of water-wheels used to drain one mine at Rio Tin to Water-wheels used to raise water to a higher level at the Terme del Mithra, Ostia Section of the rim of a water-wheel Reconstruction of the method used to work pairs of wheels Castropodame Brana la Folgueirosa Plan of la Lei to sa Ground sluicing in the Duerna valley Plan of Fucochicos Montefurado Wooden sluice boxes as employed in modern mining Another type of washing table used in modern mining

Trier with cemetery areas Canterbury with cemetery areas Histogram of cremation and inhumation cemeteries in northern Gaul Plan of the villa and mausoleum at Newel, near Trier Plan of the cemetery at Carmona Plan of the cemeteries at Ampurias Rich and poor cemetery areas at Ampurias Ampurias: grave types in inhumation cemeteries Ampurias: grave types in mixed rite and all-inhumation cemeteries Ampurias: grave types related to children and adults Cemeteries and settlemehts at York Plan of the Trentholme Drive cemetery at York

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34· 13 Plan of the cemetery at Lankhills, Winchester 34.14 Urban development at Tours 34.15 Plan of the cemetery at Owslebury 34.16 Plan of the cemetery at Lynch Farm 34.17 Inhumation in a wooden coffin at Lynch Farm