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Beyond the Rhetoric of Assimilation and Cultural Pluralism: Addressing the Tension of Separatism and Conflict in an Immigration-Driven Multiracial Society

Immigration is quickly changing the radal demographics of the United States. In sa doing, it is creating both tensions and opportunities. The author responds to those who advocate restricted immigration os the solution to radal problems. He refutes the underlying assumptions of such Euro-immigrationists: that the United States hos a solely white, Christian, and European hentage, and that other immigrants have failed to acculturate. Furthermore, cultural pluralism in a multiradal society has several benefits, including its connection to constitutional principies and its advantages in both the global and the increasingly diverse domestic economy. In turn, the author takes cultural pluralists to tosk for not grappling suffidently with interethnic conflict and separatism While interethnic conflict and separatist sentiment are exacerbated by society's exclusion ofpeople of color, they are problems that cannot be ignored. The author articulates a new approach to cultural pluralism in a broader definition of America. This new approach would respect diverse views and cultures, including the right of separatists within communities of color. It would also require adherence to a common core of values, including respect for the laws, for the democratie political and economie system, and Jor equal opportunity.