chapter  8
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The Ancient City and the Urban Infrastructure

WithE. J. Owens

This chapter analyses the facilities and their location in the urban environment. True urban planning should seek to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants by providing services and facilities, and by regulating the component parts of the city in order to gain the best possible situation for the buildings and the most advantageous conditions for the citizens. The ancient city was a community and the community expressed itself in its public activities and its public buildings. An integral aspect of ancient Greco-Roman religion was entertainment. The increasingly important role that entertainment and leisure played in the life of the ancient city is reflected in the number and types of specialised buildings which were developed. As far as it is possible to generalise and such generalisations are valid, the Etruscans, and through them the Romans, accepted that the streets were an important part of urban planning and the urban infrastructure, and consequently were well built and maintained.