chapter  1
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From here, click on Difficulties with behaviour to see all the ways in which behavioural difficulties can present in the classroom. Clicking on the boxes on this screen may open a sentence in the Information panel on the screen or take you to a new/interconnected screen. For example, if you click on Does not cope well with change, it will take you to the Social and communication difficulties screen. If you click on Worse when asked to write it will take you to the Difficulties with writing screen. (Click on the back button to return.)


Returning to the Home page allows you to click on Specific learning difficulties which leads to a list of SpLDs:

• ADHD • Asperger’s syndrome • Developmental co-ordination disorder (dyspraxia)

• Dyscalculia • Dysgraphia • Dyslexia

Clicking on any of these opens up a new screen with details about how to identify particular types of difficulty.