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WithLewis Herman, Marguerite Shalett Herman

Before attempting to learn any of the dialects, it is imperative that the student become completely familiar with the chart of phonetic symbols. This book deals with: the principal vowel and consonant changes in most of the foreign-American dialects, together with such other material as could be helpful in limning the foreign character more faithfully. It was impossible to treat all the dialects in equal detail. However, the foreign dialects most called for in the acting profession have been thoroughly discussed, while a number of dialects, such as the Czech, Hungarian, and Lithuanian have not been treated as comprehensively as the rest. Generally speaking, though, the order of importance of foreign dialects, insofar as the number of professional calls for them is concerned, is as follows: British, German, French, Cockney, Irish, Yiddish, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Scotch, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Greek and Polish.