chapter  EIGHTEEN
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The Polish Dialect

WithLewis Herman, Marguerite Shalett Herman

The keynote of the language language— and the dialect— starts about two or three notes lower than in ordinary American. In matter-of-fact conversation, except for a very gradual rising inflection, there is little variance in the pitch range— either rising or falling. The words that are not important are treated with about the same emphasis as in American— very little— but the meaning word is given stress emphasis and tonal emphasis, the glide-vowels carrying the burden of the tonal emphasis. The most significant of all the errors in grammar of the Polish dialect is the incessant use of the verb "be" in place of the other forms of the verb, "to be," as in: "AHi nOt bi hir."(I not be here.)(I am not here.) "AHi vwOn' yoo bi goot." There are a number of expressions— interjections and phrases— that are thrown into the Polish dialect for no particular reason other than habit or popularity.