chapter  NINETEEN
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The Greek Dialect

WithLewis Herman, Marguerite Shalett Herman

The Greeks should have more than a word for it. With eleven vowel sounds, fourteen diphthong sounds and twenty consonant sounds in their alphabet, they should have an entire lexicon of words for it— whatever "it" may be. To a great extent, the Greek dialect is influenced, not only by the Greek language spoken in modern times, but also by classic Greek, compared to which modern Greek is only a patois. The Greek pitch is normally higher than in American and it ranges more. A general rule might state that the accented syllables in the Greek dialect are those that reach the high notes before the falling inflections and those that start on the low note in the rising inflections. There are a number of other omissions in the Greek dialect which add to the flavor, as in the dropping of "that." There is a tendency in the Greek dialect to add "um" to its verbs.