chapter  FIVE
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The Scottish Dialect

WithLewis Herman, Marguerite Shalett Herman

This chapter the (/) will indicates the glottal stop. The physical characteristic of the glottal stop is the sudden opening and closing of the glottis. Naturally, not all Scottish people speak with the same emotion, or lack of it. These examples must be considered only as generalizations. The glottal stop must be mastered before one proceed further with the Scottish dialect. The Scotsman accents his words as we do in America. As for the general stress in a sentence, it will be found that important words receive both tonal and stress emphasis. The "UH" sound of the unaccented vowel "a" is much shorter in the Scottish dialect than it is in the American. It will be represented by "uh." When used initially, its treatment is similar to the glottal stop. A change in grammatical construction is not a typifying characteristic of the Scottish dialect.