chapter  9
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Belonging to a dying species: my experiences as an East German sociologist

During my school time I probably never heard about sociology and consequently could not start out to be a sociologist. In the beginning of the 1970s, when I was taking my final exams, I actually wanted to become a journalist. At the time, the education of journalists at LeipzigUniversity was not a theoretical and classroom study, but rather an applied study through placement in a publishing house, television company, etc. After passing a demanding entrance examination at the publishing house Berliner Verlag, the next requirement was to work for one year as a trainee at a newspaper. I carried out this task at several newspapers in East Berlin, my home town. These included an evening newspaper (BZ am Abend), a small weekly company newspaper ("Bremsenecho" at Berliner Bremsenwerk), and a political weekly (Honzoru).