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The Transport Implications of Alternative Urban Forms

The use of the model The modelling went through the following stages. First, a Trend scenario was developed, in which land uses continued to decentralise. This was tested with both 'Do-Minimum' and an initial 'Do-Something' (DS 1) transport strategies. DS 1 involved a reduction of parking in the central area, road pricing in the city centre, bus lanes, cycle lanes and park-and-ride provision (see note 2). Secondly, a compact city scenario was tested with three transport strategies: the

Do-Minimum, the initial Do-Something (DS 1) and a more radical Do-Something (DS2). DS2 added an extensive light rapid transit (LRT) network to DS 1. Thirdly, alternative compact city scenarios were tested under the DS2 strategy. This approach, which was adopted because of the limited number of model runs possible within the project, allows comparisons:

• between the forecasts (all for 2015) and the base year (1990); • between the Trend and compact city scenarios, under either Do-Minimum or DS 1; and • between the compact city and its alternatives, under DS2 .