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Urban Form and the Sustainability of Urban Systems: Theory and Practice in a Northern Conurbation

There could not be a clearer message on 'sustainable urban form' from haIfa lifespan ago, at the time of the great plan for a great city. And now? Definitions of sustainable urban form may be as many as the people in the city. There is a loose consensus on reinventing many of the features lost and zoned out - the' new urbanism' model-and this perhaps has as much to do with cultural trends as technical or environmental issues. But such a model could easily end up housing the rich who cause their environmental damage elsewhere - or housing the poor in clusters of poverty and crime. It might be obsolete within a decade, or it might linger on as a burden to future generations. It might be energy efficient and socially dysfunctional, or even vice versa - there are so many variables it is difficult to tell.