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Austrians 24 Dec. Attempt to assassinate Napoleon by bomb in

the rue Saint-Nicaise 1801 9 Feb. Treaty of Lunéville between France and the

Holy Roman Empire 16 July Concordat signed with Pope Pius VII

1802 24 Jan. Napoleon accepts presidency of Italian Republic

25 Mar. Treaty of Amiens between France and Britain 8 Apr. Law implementing Concordat with Pope Pius

VII passed 1 May Restructure of the French educational system

– establishment of lycées 2 Aug. Napoleon made Consul for Life

1803 19 Feb. Act of Mediation in Switzerland 3 May Louisiana Purchase Treaty – Napoleon sells

Louisiana territory to the United States 18 May Rupture of the Treaty of Amiens leads to the

resumption of war with Britain 1804-15 The Empire – French conquest and loss of

Europe 1804 Feb.–Mar. Royalist plot to kidnap Napoleon leads to

arrest of Generals Moreau, Pichegru and Cadoudal

21 Mar. The Civil Code of the French People, also known as the Code Napoléon, promulgated

18 May Proclamation of Napoleon as emperor 2 Dec. Coronation of Napoleon as emperor at

Notre-Dame 1805 18 May Napoleon crowns himself king of Italy in

Milan 9 Aug. Third Coalition formed – Austria joins

Anglo-Russian alliance against France

21 Oct. Battle of Trafalgar – British fl eet defeats French and Spanish

2 Dec. Battle of Austerlitz – French defeat Austrians and Russians

15 Dec. Treaty of Schönbrunn between France and Prussia

26 Dec. Treaty of Pressburg between France and Austria

1806 30 Mar. Napoleon appoints his brother Joseph king of Naples

5 June Napoleon appoints his brother Louis king of Holland

12 July Napoleon establishes the Confederation of the Rhine, effectively ending the Holy Roman Empire

14 Oct. Battles of Jena and Auerstädt – French defeat Prussians

21 Nov. Berlin decree initiates the Continental System 1807 8 Feb. Battle of Eylau – French defeat Russians

14 June Battle of Friedland – French defeat Russians 7-9 July Treaty of Tilsit between France, Russia and

Prussia 27 Oct. Treaty of Fontainebleau between France and

Spain 30 Nov. Napoleon begins French occupation of

Portugal with General Junot occupying Lisbon – the start of the Peninsular War

17 Dec. Milan decree strengthens the Berlin decree 1808 1 Mar. Organisation of the imperial noblesse

23 Mar. French troops occupy Madrid 17 Apr. Napoleon announces the Bayonne decree 2 May Revolt in Madrid against French troops 7 July Joseph Bonaparte appointed king of Spain;

succeeded in Naples by Joachim Murat 16-19 July

Battle of Baylen – French surrender to Spanish

17 Aug. Battle of Roliça – British defeat French in their fi rst battle of the Peninsular War

21 Aug. Battle of Vimeiro – British defeat French 30 Aug. Convention of Cintra 27 Sept.– 14 Oct.