chapter  9
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Social contact

Greeting, making introductions and taking leave Max meets Robert in front of the university. Robert is accompanied by his new girlfriend. Play the parts of Robert and his new girlfriend.

Í MGG 60

MAX: Hallo, Robert. Gut, dass ich dich mal wieder treffe. Wie geht’s denn? ROBERT: Greet him as a friend. Say you are OK but a bit tired because you’ve just

come back from a weekend at home in England. MAX: Ach so! Aber wie ich sehe, hast du eine neue Bekannte. Ist sie auch aus

England? ROBERT: Introduce Charlotte to Max. Say she is Scottish and only arrived from

London last week. She will stay for the semester. MAX: Herzlich willkommen, Charlotte. Sprichst du Deutsch? CHARLOTTE: Greet Max. Say that you speak some German. Say you heard that he was

in Aberdeen last Easter. Ask him whether this was his first visit and whether he was made welcome there.