chapter  4
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Education as a Maker of Individuals and Cultures

One standard against which to measure a general theory of education is whether it accords with and organizes our considered judgments about its subject matter.1

Because the theory of education as encounter rejects the assumptions presently embedded in educational thought, it might be wondered if it passes this test. How - ever, the sharp nature/culture divide, the two-sphere analysis, and the consequent shrinking of the educational realm run counter to many of our considered convictions. And so do the false equation between education and schooling and definitions of education that commit the intentional fallacy, contain a cognitive bias, and subscribe to the myth of betterment. In shedding the offending beliefs, the theory of education as encounter conforms to what, upon reflection, we take to be true about such basic matters as the nature and function of education, the definition and scope of culture, the nature and societal place of men and women, and the relationship between school and education.