Postscript: Some Questions without Answers and Answers without Questions (Merrill)
Pages 4

Each of the authors of Controversies in Media Ethics has made sure that some of his or her own ideas have been incorporated. In particular, this volume has benefited from the thoughts of John C. Merrill, whose long service to journalism and the field of media ethics has showed no signs of slowing down. The “questions without answers” below are some of the thoughts that Merrill has had over the years, and they are presented without answers to give readers the opportunity to think about them at their own speed-and come up with answers they can live with. The “answers without questions” are the other side of the coin: a collection of aphorisms he has designed to be catalysts for thought and discussion-almost every one of which can be parlayed into a healthy discussion, in class, in the newsroom, or over a drink of some kind. We hope that those reading this book will enjoy trying to find answers to the questions and questions (or situations) for the aphorisms or answers.