chapter  9
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Conclusions and Policy Implications

Determinants of Community Policing and Its Relationship with Organizational Structure Th e research in this book seeks to identify determinants of COP implementation and delineate its relationship with organizational structure. To accomplish this, I drew on the literatures of policing, organizational theory, innovation, and implementation to develop and test a complex model of COP implementation. Th is model accounted for the infl uence of organizational context and structure on COP implementation as well as the impact of COP implementation on organizational structure. Th e

contributions of this analysis include identifying determinants of COP implementation, analysis of the individual and relative impacts of these determinants, improving measurement and analysis of these variables, testing of a simultaneous or mutually reinforcing relationship between organizational structure and COP implementation, reconciling organizational theories, and enhancing implementation research in general. Th e model also has several limitations, such as the reliance on reported data, limited ability to assess the dosage of measures, a restricted pool of items to estimate community policing, and limited sample size for the complexity of the model.