chapter  5
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The development of an IQ test

Both of us are busy teachers and researchers with lots of students, many research projects and a mutual passion for promoting our discipline of psychology and psychometrics. So when, in 2003, Television New Zealand called and asked us to meet to discuss the development of a New Zealand IQ test for a New Zealand version of the Test the Nation programme,* we were naturally curious and excited. The concept also involved having a studio audience made up of various groups who would compete in a live programme on a series of questions leading to an IQ score. At the same time, viewers could complete the test at home using pen and paper and an answer sheet available from various magazines, by answering on the web or by texting their answers in, and they then could compare their scores with the average scores of the various studio groups. We worked on two programmes with Television New Zealand, the first in 2003 and the second in 2004. The programme is termed ‘credible entertainment’ or ‘edutainment’ and we were employed to be part of the ‘credible’ or ‘edu’ part!